Do not wait inside the Lambda function to do anything. Case study: running transcription job.

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We occasionally need to run a Lambda function to start another AWS service job and then wait inside the Lambda execution to let that service finish its job and finally store the result in DynamoDB, S3, etc. The charge of a Lambda execution is proportional to execution time in milliseconds.

Choose the right model of Amazon Transcribe for your project’s Automated Speech Recognition feature.

If you are using the Amazon Transcribe service for automated speech recognition (ASR) feature in your project (especially for the English language), you had to decide whether to build a custom language model or a general model provided by AWS transcribe service. It could also be the case that you…

A guide to running DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) in a Lambda Function (Python).

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For those who do not know about DAX yet, it is a caching mechanism that sits on top of DynamoDB. So far what I have seen is that DAX decreases query time by 20–65% on each repetitive query.

Creating DAX Cluster

The first thing you have to do is create a DAX cluster…

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